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Zoom screensaver zooms you to the infinite existence. Changes colors, sizes and forms. But never ends! Travel
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19 November 2013

Editor's review

These days distinctive visual styles seem to appeal to many of us and often we like to install stylish abstract screensavers. From your desktop you would love to observe your screen getting open and close in an indefinite manner with Zoom mania Screensaver 2.0 which presents animated shapes in different sizes and colors. The screensaver is very compact and fast in forming shapes. The animated shapes are so real as if your desktop has come to sense. The screensaver takes its observer in an unending journey with special effects. The screensaver is really simple yet attractive. It is easy to configure the zooming speed, display order and other parameters for the best viewing experience.

Zoom Mania Screensaver 2.0 is a creative and nice screensaver with a soothing theme. From the settings menu you can customize the screensaver like changing the size, speed and render quality of the image. Overall aesthetics is quite appealing and a number of interesting abstract forms are displayed as the screensaver plays on you screen. As the changes are made in the settings menu not within the screensaver which further prevents the crash from happening. With the F1 key you can access the instructional guide to modify the attractors along with several other options. You can also pause the screensaver by using pause key and Esc to exit from it. With the arrow keys you can also alter the center of the image and page up and down in a sequential manner to zoom in and out. You can also change the effects and interval time in between the images while changing the color intensity of the background.

Zoom Mania Screensaver 2.0 has a nice background score with many striking design characteristics which makes it well worth trying. For its neat effects and brilliant animated shapes it gathers a rating of 3 stars for itself.

Publisher's description

Zoom screensaver zooms you to the infinite existence. Changes colors, sizes and forms. But never ends!
Travel to the unknown worlds of zoom mania with free special effects screensaver. By pressing F1 key you can find instructions how to modify the attractors and other options. Screensaver is very compact and fast. Just few clicks to install!
Zoom Mania
Zoom Mania
Version 2.0
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